Bond Fluidaire

Bond Fluidaire is now part of the Exotic Automation & Supply family!

The joining of Bond Fluidaire with Exotic Automation & Supply brings nearly 120 years of combined experience to customers. It will result in 17 total retail store locations, an expanded product offering, inventory expansion, technology innovation, product enhancements, increased 24/7 mobile service capabilities and more to customers.



Pictured above from left to right:
Robby Bond, Operations Manger at Bond Fluidaire, Bob Bond, President of Bond Fluidaire, Chris Bond, Vice President of Bond Fluidaire, Tom Marino, President of Exotic Automation & Supply

“The acquisition by Exotic Automation & Supply is a testament to the success of our company and power of our incredible team. Bond Fluidaire has experienced strong growth over the past few years and now, under Exotic’s ownership, will have access to additional resources which will help us deliver enhanced value to our customers.” – Bob Bond, President of Bond Fluidaire

What to Expect

  • Continued support from the great Bond Representatives you’ve worked with over the years!
  • Phone numbers and email addresses will stay the same.
  • Exotic’s integration will add additional resources, technology enhancements, expanded inventory and product lines to better support you!


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