Join us for the 2023 Motion & Control Summit, held March 22-23, 2023. The summit is free of charge and includes 2-days full of the newest innovations in Fluid Power. For the first time – Attend virtually, at our New Hudson facility or both! Stay / Listen to the entire conference or just classes relevant to you. On-site attendees can enjoy lunch and attend special enhanced trainings for select classes!

Attending Virtually? Simply login to the summit and click on each class title to start the sessions.

Attending In-Person? The conference will be held at our New Hudson headquarters located at 53500 Grand River Ave, New Hudson, MI 48165. Speakers will be on-site, extended class sessions are offered and lunch will be provided during the 12:00pm class each day.


Motion & Control



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Industrial Hydraulics

Fluid Power Safety

Conference Schedule

Wednesday – March 22, 2023


  • Conference Kick-off / Hose Injection Safety Practices


    The best way to prevent a hydraulic injury on-site is awareness. Hydraulic injuries can result in severe burns, amputation and in some cases death. This seminar will give an introduction to the importance of selecting the right hose,  hydraulic hose safety, routing best practices, and hydraulic injection injuries. ~~~~~~~~~ *9:00-9:30 - SPECIAL ENHANCED CLASS FOR ON-SITE ATTENDEES - After the training, stay for a crimping demonstration. Learn how to properly inspect a hose assembly to make sure you have what you need to keep your people safe and your equipment running without leaks. Every student will produce a full ISO9000 rated hose assembly.*

  • Intro to Servo Driven Hydraulic Systems


    In this course, we will review how servo driven hydraulic system technology can increase your machines efficiency, system response, and reduce noise. Learn how to reduce energy consumption while maintaining high power density and precise control in your hydraulic system through real world examples.

  • Hose Basics


    This course will cover the basics of Hose selection. Following the S.T.A.M.P procedure, you will learn how to identify hose size, temperature, application, media and pressure to determine the hose requirements for your applications. We will also cover hose crimping basics and an overview into the different hose types - from hydraulic, industrial to cut tube.

  • 80/20 - Build Your Idea


    Bring your idea to life! 80/20 provides T-slot aluminum profiles, or bars that have channels used to connect other bars and parts to create custom solutions. In this session, we will introduce the T-Slot Aluminum Framing System and demonstrate how it is used with project examples from a variety of industries. A demonstration will be shown as well as a look into helpful online resources & tools.

  • Cobots, What Can They Do For You? All Your Questions Answered


    Have you ever thought of adding a robot to your team? Collaborative Robots work safely around humans to complete everyday tasks. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the future of robots in the workplace, including what trends they are seeing, customer feedback and common robotic tasks and applications. ~~~~~~~~~ *1:00-1:30 - SPECIAL ENHANCED CLASS FOR ON-SITE ATTENDEES - After the training, stay to watch on-site demos of the Cobots and learn how to program for uses in your workplace.*

  • Compressors 101


    This course includes an introductory discussion designed to teach facility personal, operators and maintenance staff how air compressors work, and how they effect the bottom line. Participants will learn how to calculate the energy cost of compressed air in their facility, identify inappropriate uses of compressed air, cost of leaks, better control compressed air to improve productivity and profitability.

  • Quick Couplings for EV Testing


    Connect quick, connect safe & test fast. Ensuring all connection ports on the battery pack are sealed and leak-tight is very important to avoid the risk of contamination to battery cell. In this course, we will review the factors to consider when selecting quick connectors for electric vehicles. A look into solutions for battery coolant circuits and vent holes will be provided.

  • Transair vs. Traditional Piping Applications & Installations / Conference Closing


    This seminar will cover a brief Introduction into compressed air, including Parker Transair piping technologies and how they work, Transair vs. traditional systems, stainless steel solutions, common applications and where to get support information.


Thursday – March 23, 2023


  • Conference Kick-off / Introduction to Hydraulics


    Hydraulics 101 - Back to the basics! Learn the principles of fluid power, including basics of operations, hydraulic applications and hydraulic system components.

  • Statics and Dynamics in Linear Applications


    In this course we will review the overall effects of both stationary loads on the system as well as when motion is applied to the load. We will do a quick overview of Newtonian fundamentals and how it applies to linear mechanical systems. Finally, we will review the effects of the application discussing the needs of motor and bearings requirements based on the motion in an illustration.

  • Optimizing Design and Hardware Costs for Multi-Axis Systems


    Fangtooth experts will present the infinite ways to configure multi-axis systems to make Gantries, Lifts, Robot Transfer Units and more XX, XY, XZ, XYZ configurations. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of different drive units such as gear rack, belt drives, ball, planetary roller and acme screws. Gearbox optimization for servo selection will also be discussed.

  • Revolutionizing Machine I/O with the PCH Network Portal


    The PCH Network Portal offers powerful multi-functional characteristics including flexible design, intuitive interfaces, and streamlined diagnostics. These benefits make for easy user integration, strong diagnostic capabilities, and the reduced cost of machinery architecture. Extensive configurability, secure Bluetooth diagnostics, and multiple zoning options innovations make the PCH Network Portal a revolutionary new tool in the network connectivity arena. ~~~~~~~~~ *12:00-12:30 - SPECIAL ENHANCED CLASS FOR ON-SITE ATTENDEES - After the training, stay to watch Parker’s pneumatic serial bus communication including remote I/O capabilities demonstration on-site.*

  • High Pressure Industrial Hydraulic Tools


    Learn the basics of high-pressure industrial hydraulic tools. In this course we will cover the dos & don'ts of basic system connections, basic hydraulic safety, common applications, and common product tools such as cylinders and pumps.

  • Modular End Effectors - What to Consider?


    DESTACO’s end effector solutions are designed for a wide variety of applications and payloads and are designed to maximize productivity, both before and after installation. In this class, participants will learn what to consider when selecting end effectors, the flexibility of modifications to the end effectors and productivity results.

  • Affordable Compact Progressive Lubrication Systems and Associated Components


    The benefits of automated lubrication systems over traditional manual lubrication methods are numerous and undeniable. However, the introduction and implementation of automated lubrication systems can be a very expensive proposition and they are not always intuitive. This presentation will introduce the basic concept of a progressive lubrication system while focusing on the use of compact electrically operated pumps and single piece metering blocks. The result is a budget conscience automated system that is robust enough for most small to medium sized vehicles and general industrial applications. ~~~~~~~~~ *3:00-3:30 - SPECIAL ENHANCED CLASS FOR ON-SITE ATTENDEES - After the training, stay to learn about single point lubrication systems that can be managed by Bluetooth.*

  • Basics of Hydraulic Filtration / Conference Closing


    Fluids should always be filtered before being put to use. Proper filtration during use is critical to avoid costly contamination problems and will maximize your machine’s up-time. This informative class will filter out any confusion about how to keep your hydraulic systems clean and functioning properly. Topics covered include: Contamination basics (types, sources, etc.), fluid cleanliness standards / Filter media ratings, filter types & their applications and fluid analysis – a critical tool for any preventive maintenance program

We’re giving away (2) Ooni Pizza Ovens & (4) $100 AMEX gift cards to attendees and the lucky winners will be announced on 3/22 & 3/23 during the show closings. Attendees will receive an entry to win for each session they attend throughout the show. The more sessions attended, the more entries received. You do not need to be present to win. A representative from Exotic Automation & Supply will reach out to the winners after the conference.

Plus, all conference attendees will also receive a mystery grab bag mailed to them after the event!