SKF / Lincoln Lubrication Solutions

SKF is well-known for providing the most complete portfolio of lubrication and fluid management systems in the world.

Exotic offers SKF & Lincoln lubrication systems for oil & grease, with solutions ranging from centralized manual systems to fully automatic systems designed to your application and needs.

Oil Systems

  • SKF Piston Distributors
  • Lincoln Centro-Matic Parallel Injectors
  • Parallel or Progressive Systems
  • Consistent & Robust
  • Standard or Metric Threads

Grease Systems

  • SKF & Lincoln Progressive Systems
  • Lincoln Centro-Matic Parallel Injectors
  • Positive Displacement
  • Precision Metering
  • Standard or Metric Threads

Minimum Quantity Lubrication & Spray Systems

  • Orsco Precision Oil Systems
  • Spindle Lubrication
  • Chain Lubrication

Part Assembly Lubrication

  • Rotary Oilers
  • Spray Oilers/Custom Nozzle Assemblies
  • Provide Lubrication during Dry Run
  • Minimize Friction During Assembly
  • Grease or Oil Systems Available

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