Techman Collaborative Robots

Techman Robot specializes in safe and easy-to-operate robotics that are designed to work alongside humans. Robots are designed to lift up to 30 pounds are known as the smartest and easiest to use in the world thanks to their advanced features.

Any industry can be easily automated with a collaborative robot arm from Techman Robot. From product testing, assembly, and packaging, to machine loading and unloading, TM Robot can simplify the production process of your entire manufacturing line, and greatly optimize production efficiency.

Why Choose Techman Robots?

Built-in Vision – Unlike traditional Collaborative Robots, Techman Robots have built-in sensors which are able to read barcodes / QR codes, recognize colors & match patterns / shapes.

Easy to Program – No coding skills are needed. They feature a simple to use interface with graphic and flow chart based HMI.

Small & Lightweight – Can easily be carried over to different machines within a plant and programmed easily for different tasks.

Safe – The robot stops immediately if it senses anything in its path.

Capable – Lifts / Moves up to 30 pounds.

Cobot Applications

      • CNC Machine Tending
      • Woodworking Automation
      • Palletizing
      • Packaging & Labeling
      • Assembly
      • Soldering & Welding
      • Painting
      • Screw Driving
      • Pick & Place
      • Polishing & Deburring
      • Laser Cutting
      • Injection Molding
      • Glue Dispensing