LPG / LNG Hoses & Fittings

We assemble CSA certified Parker Hannifin Low Pressure hose assemblies to provide a significant benefit to your LPG / CNG powered equipment.


  • Tube: Synthetic Rubber
  • Reinforcement: One Steel Braid
  • Cover: Synthetic Rubber

Conforms To

  • ECE R110/R67
  • UL21, 588, 569
  • CGA Type III
  • ECE110 Class 1 / UL Standard 21 LPG
  • CSA Certified

On-Board Schematic

O-ring Face Seals & Seal Lok™ Adapters

Count on Exotic for the most extensive offering of Seal-Lok™ fittings. Fittings are available in both steel and stainless steel compounds and are approved to the ECE R110 regulation and ISO 15500 standards.

Parker LPG Low Pressure Hoses

Exotic’s SS23CG LPG & CNG LP hose is known for its gas permeation resistance and reliable performance. Its permeation requirements exceed the Canadian Gas Association specification of 1,6 g/m2 per day, allowing users to specify it with confidence – everywhere.