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Techman Robot

Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10:00am
Collaborative Robots for Workplace Automation
Collaborative robots, or cobots, are becoming more and more prevalent in the automation landscape. Learn how they can help you increase productivity and safety for your company.
This brief webinar will explain:

  • How cobots work
  • Common applications for cobots
  • Ease of programming the Techman robot
  • The benefits of built-in vision
  • Versatility of cobots over traditional automation

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Thursday, June 25th @ 10:00am
Combine Fluid Power Safety & Connectivity for Increased Productivity
Until recently, safety and networking were viewed as expensive mandates that added more cost than value.  Today, enlightened Controls Engineers leverage their knowledge of safety and networking technologies to design fluid power circuits that mitigate downtime and deliver a faster ROI.

  • Common fluid power hazards
  • SRP/CS and safety-rated products
  • Control-reliable, pressure zoning, LOTO “Alternative Methods”
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic devices (SRP/CS & Safety Rated) available for safety circuits
  • Leveraging Parker’s ISO H Series for prognostics and diagnostics

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