Advanced Fluid & Air Handling Solutions for Cleaning Vehicle Mounted Cameras & Sensors

Sensor Washing

Most of today’s vehicles only have washer systems for the front and rear windows, what about the growing number of cameras and sensors in tomorrow’s vehicles?

Exotic Automation & Supply’s
Washer System provides custom fluid
handling solutions for up to 64
vehicle mounted sensors.

Exotic Automation & Supply’s intelligent washer system efficiently provides the solvent wash or compressed air to just the sensor that needs it, increasing efficiency and saving cleaning solvent. Exotic will custom design a cleaning solution to meet your individual need, use your same pump, tank and nozzle and we will provide the intelligent zone control to meet your critical application.

With a single washer pump,
you can now control specifically
what sensor needs to be cleaned
without the waste of cleaning
fluid or compressed air going
to every nozzle.


Exotic provides fluid handling solutions for
drive convenience, whether it’s fully autonomous vehicles, driver assist, 360 degree camera
views or lane sensing technology.