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We are happy to offer the upcoming webinars as part of our commitment to your continued education & training. Register today!
Tuesday, April 21st @ 10:00am
Hydraulic Hose, Fittings & S.T.A.M.P Basics
This 30 minute webinar will give an introduction to hydraulic hose, hose fittings and how to select the proper hose and fitting for your application. We will cover…

  • What is Hose?
  • Why Use Hose?
  • The 3 Components of Hose
  • Hose Nomenclature
  • Hose Specifications

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Thursday, April 23rd @ 10:00am
Hose & Injection Safety Practices

The best way to prevent a hydraulic injury on-site is awareness. Hydraulic injuries can result in severe burns, amputation and in some cases death. This 30 minute presentation will give an introduction to the importance of selecting the right hose,  hydraulic hose safety, routing best practices, and hydraulic injection injuries.

  • Hose Safety
  • Injection Injuries

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Tuesday, April 28th @10:00am
Tube Fittings Basics & Helpful Resources

This 30 minute module, you will learn all of the online tools and resources available to assist you with tube fitting information. Learn how to use the Parker Tube Fittings Division Catalog, troubleshoot your connection method, and select the best sealing method. Whether you’re designing a system or repairing a piece of equipment, we’ll teach you the resources available to help you make your next connection.

  • What is a Tube Fitting?
  • Common Terms & Definitions
  • Apps & Tools
  • Choosing the Proper Fitting

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