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New! Enerpac High Tonnage Cylinders

Enerpac’s next generation of high tonnage hydraulic cylinders were released this week and have been upgraded with many new features:

  • Nitrocarbourization: This heat treatment transforms the outer layer of steel. It won’t flake & it can’t be scratched off because the treatment hardens the surface. Component fatigue life is improved & wear resistance increases.
  • Bearings: Made from composite material making them more giving and more stable. The bearings also surround the seal, creating a complex leak path and reducing the chance of an external leak.
  • Seals: When designing the cylinder, Enerpac choose a new seal material and optimized the shape of it to reduce drag and increase performance.
  • Handling: Several features that were once only offered on custom versions are now standard. Base mounting holes standard on all but the LPL model allow for easy fixturing or attachment of other accessories. All cylinders come with certified swivel eyebolts for safe handling and collar threads are now standard on all HCR & HCG models.