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Motion & Control Insider Monthly – Answers

Monthly Brain Teaser Answers:

January Answer: 59 days. If the water level doubles every day, the reservoir on any given day was half the size the day prior. If the reservoir is full on day 60, that means it was half full on day 59, not on day 30.


December Answer:

November Answer: The number 8. On its side, it looks like an infinity symbol. Cut in half it looks like two zeros.

October Answer: The correct answer is A.

September Answer: The man was bald.

August Answer: 7 Squares

July Answer: Take the top right vertical match from the 9, and put it on top of the minus sign to make a plus sign:

15 + 13 = 28

June Answer: Bottle #5 will fill up first. The valve has no opening from bottle 1 towards bottle 2. Similarly there is no opening for the pipe connected between pipe 3 to pipe 7.

May Answer: The Answer is 78.
If A+B=CD is the given logical equation, then the logical reasoning used in these equations is A/B = C and A+B=D.

April Answer: The numbers indicate the number of crossed lines in each shape. The correct answer is 4.

March Answer:  The correct answer is C.

February Answer:
The watch on the left is a toy. The minute arm is too long, so it can’t pass around the face when it moves.

January Answer:

December Answer:

November Answer:

Fire = 13
Apple Cider = 7
Acorn = 14
Honey = 15
? = 49

October Answer:

September Answer: The 2nd ‘G’ is correct.

August Answer: 1
Multiply 1st and 2nd equation to get the following equation
T*T = 4 => T=2
From the first equation, it gives S=1
So the last equation is 2-1 = 1


July Answer: The code is 042.
Click below to see an in-depth explanation:


June Answer:

May Answer:
Each of the six numbers is divisible by 3 except number 53. So the number 53 is the correct answer.