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Requirements and Solutions for Machine Safety

This training will provide a general overview of machine safety requirements pertaining to lockout and alternative methods of hazardous energy control as outlined by the American Society of Safety Engineers and the American National Standard Institute. The training will focus on fluid power applications found in various industries, along with an introduction to safety audits and risk assessments. Specific “Safety by Sidener” abatement solutions for hazardous energy control will be presented, followed by a review of related products that include:

  • Sidener Hydraulic Safety Valves, electrical and manual solutions for hydraulic blocking and energy isolation requirements
  • Parker Safety Exhaust Valves, electrical and manual solutions for pneumatic energy isolation requirements
  • Euchner Safety Switches, Gate Boxes, Relays & Control Systems
  • Pinnacle Safety Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Safety Controllers and Control Systems

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