Reduce Your Compressed Air Energy Costs up to 33%!

German Engineered Hertz Compressors are widely known for their superior reliability, high quality components and robust product offering. Hertz Compressors provide efficient results increasing the amount of high quality, purified air.



Rotary Screw Air Compressors

HVD Series
Hertz HVD series variable-speed compressors drive the motor with the frequency converter to adjust the compressor operation speed and save up to 35% energy.

HDD Series
Hertz HDD series compressors deliver high performance by reducing the power transfer losses with their directly-coupled motor and screw block.

HBD Series
Hertz HBD series compressors are used in applications of small and medium sized businesses thanks to their high performance in operation and compact structure.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Wave Series
Hertz WAVE Series Compressors were developed in order to be used in all applications requiring high pressure (up to 580 psig).

HPC Booster Series
Hertz pressurizes the air entering the compressor at 100-190 psig up to 580 psig with the HPC Booster Series booster compressor in its production range.

HPC L Series
Hertz HPC Series was developed to be used in all applications requiring low pressure.

Downstream Equipment

Air Receivers
Air Receivers supply air for peak consumptions and prevent the system pressure from fluctuating or reducing dramatically.

Pressurized Air Filters
Hertz filters have been designed to answer the current requirements of compressed air filtering. They enable better endurance and offer higher efficiency with lower pressure drops and more port size options.

Compressed Air Dryers
Hertz Dryers offer dew points suitable for all application requirements and a perfect drying performance.


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