Nozzles / Receptacles / Check Valves

Nozzles / Receptacles / Check Valves


Exotic offers NGV1/ANSI certified nozzles designed specifically to transfer compressed natural gas from compressors and dispensers to vehicles and equipment utilizing CNG.


Exotic Automation & Supply’s NGV1/ANSI certified receptacles provide superior flow characteristics over the competition while meeting profile requirements. Exotic’s offering consists of bulk-head, SAE Port, O-ring face seal and compression / instrumentation tube ends.

Check Valves

Check valves are designed to be used in conjunction with the CNG receptacle as a redundant check and to provide additional safety to the vehicle system. Parker’s C Series check valves provide uni-directional flow of CNG and can prevent sudden backflow of pressurized fluid.

Featured Check Valve

  • O-ring face seal
  • Female x Male
  • 1 PSI crank pressure
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • CNG N0756 O-rings

Coalescers & Filters

On-board Applications

Contaminates and moisture buildup during gas handling can contribute to system downtime, component repair, failures and increased maintenance costs. Exotic stocks coalescing moisture removal filtration that is needed to extend your system’s life span and reduce maintenance costs.

Dispensing Applications

Contaminates generated within the delivery system can lead to compressor fouling, vehicle fuel system repair, liquid in storage tanks and gas dispenser replacement. Exotic offers filters to prevent this and prevent compressor damage.

Custom Molded Products

Custom Molded Products

Tank Isolator Gaskets

Exotic Automation & Supply manufactures an ozone resistant CNG rubber isolator gasket used to dampen vibration of mechanical clamps securing CNG high pressure storage tanks.

Grommets / Bumpers

Exotic Automation & Supply compression molds grommets and bumpers used in CNG retrofits. Exotic’s molded grommets will help you insolate and seal holes cut in solid panels while dampening vibration & minimizing abrasion.

Receptacle Covers

Exotic Automation & Supply manufactures receptacle covers which will help seal receptacles when they are not being used, preventing contaminates from entering your system.